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Has your email address book been hacked recently?

    I have noticed recently that some peoples email address books may have been hacked.
    If you have gotten strange emails with very little or no text and a link to some strange website DON'T CLICK THE LINK.
    Nothing will really happen if you do click the link but be aware these are junk messages being sent out.
    It does not happen often but it also happened to me so I apologize to anyone who may have gotten one of these junk emails from my email address.

    Anyway, here are some easy tips on how to fix the problem if this did happen to you and how to avoid it so it does not happen.
    Quick fix: Change your password (that's it).
    How to avoid it happening: If you get a popup message stating you need to login again as a some kind of security measure DON'T DO IT. Just quick out of your email account and open it up again fresh. This seems to be how the hackers are getting your password. They have created popup windows that look like your email program but in fact this is how they get your email password.

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