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Great Experience with Castelli Product

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    Rafael A.
    Joined: 01/19/2009 - 10:51am
    Great Experience with Castelli Product

    When most of us have a poor experience with a product we tend to tell many people. The same should be true for positive experiences. I wanted to share my experience with Castelli products with the club. It has been very positive.

    I bought a Castelli jersey last year and toward the end of the season the zipper failed. I E-mailed Castelli USA and had a nice conversation with its American owner. He was aware of issues with zipper suppliers and was taking steps to mitigate the problem. They were out of jerseys for 2008 but promised to send me one in 2009. This spring I received two new 2009 jerseys, the same type as my 2008 purchase. What a nice experience!

    Clearly they stand behind their product. Plus they are nice people.

    That has been my experience.

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