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Manorville Papa Joseph's (use Sunday's ONLY -- Permanent change)

    This location is on Chapman, adjacent to Papa Josephs Restaurant, and across the street from the Manorville King Kullen, 7-11 and McDonald's.  Take LIE exit 70 and go south to the second light (Chapman).  Left on Chapman and park adjacent to the restaurant, not in the lot.

    SUNDAY'S ONLY: The problem is that the large rigs entering Chapman can't stay all the way on the right side of the road due to tree branches, so they need to move over to the left.  This is a continuing problem, except on Sunday. They understand that Chapman is a public street, but the problem still exists. Yes, we could just say it is a public road, but that won't do anyone any good if a vehicle is damaged. To avoid an accident/damage to one of our rider’s cars, or the construction vehicles, we are requesting that ride leaders not use this location for ride starts except for Sundays. Thank you.


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