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SBRA is testing two new Member survey options

    Hello SBRA Members,

    ​Due to recent changes in our current email blast software, we will need to find an alternate survey software for acquiring feedback from SBRA Members. To ensure we find a suitable software, please help by taking two short test surveys.

    First option: Using a purchased external software.
    On January 2nd, you were sent an email with the subject line "Happy New Year and please help us test a new survey software!"
    Many of you already answered that short survey, but some of you were not sure if the email was really from SBRA or some sort of spam.
    We apologize for not sending a heads up email before that survey went out, but if you still have the email you can still respond. 

    Second option: Using the SBRA website polling feature already built into the software.
    Please visit the link below and answer the few short questions.
    NOTE: You MUST BE a MEMBER and LOGGED IN to access this survey page.

    We appreciate your participation in our testing for a new survey option.

    Thank you!

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