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Charlie Birds

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    Sun, 03/24/2019 - 8:30am
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    North Route

    The Charlie Bird group is going to start with the Early Bird group. It will be expected that anyone in the Charlie bird group will be able to make it to Edwards Ave while we are with the Early birds. If you are having difficulty at anytime before this you can sit up and wait for the John Shea group. Once we start to head up Edwards Ave I'll start looking for anyone having a hard time. Eventually we will form a seperate group from the Early Birds. We'll ride the tanks hard and I'm sure the group will seperate. Thats OK ride as hard as you want.  We will have a wait up on Sound Ave just where it seperates into a 4 lane divided road(aprox 21.5mi in). There is a restaurant that is undergoing renovation and we will meet in that parking lot. We'll then ride up to Oregon Ave...anyone who wants to push the pace is welcome....and we will meet up again at the Cutchogue Deli. When we head back on Peconinc Blvd we should all make an effort to stay single file. This is a busy road with runners, cyclists and weekend motorists. Lets be mindful of whom ever we are sharing the road with. We'll keep the group together until we get to CR51 and from there it's a free for more wait ups.....don't leave anything in the tank in true Early Bird style.

    We'll have a pre ride talk at 8:15. Be ready to roll by 8:25.

    Hope to see you Sunday.

    We will follow the traditional North Route. Here is the route if you want to download it to your cyclometer.



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