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In a crash? What to do

    If you’ve been riding with SBRA for even a short time, you know that getting ready for a ride includes some preparation.  You would not want to leave without your helmet, some liquid for hydration, snacks, a spare tube, proper clothing, etc.  Most of us, however, do not properly prepare for a crash.  Since crashes are rare, even if you’ve read and learned what to do in a crash, it is likely that you wouldn’t remember everything.  Being prepared for a crash is now a click away.

    The New York Bicycle Coalition (NYBC) website lists what to do in a crash,  You can use the below App which contains “what to do in a crash” instructions like the website.  The App also has tools to record information, take photos, make notes and more. 

    For those with iPhones, the Bike Crash App, by Flanzig and Flanzig, LLP,, is ideal.  It includes a “NEW CRASH” link to record information about the other driver, witnesses, police, crash location and weather.  Other links on the App remind you to take photos, make notes, locate the nearest hospital and find a nearby bike shop, as well as, what to do after a crash.

    It is particularly important that ride leaders and those who SAG on the Montauk Century and BBB to have the “what to do in a crash” procedures handy.

    Unfortunately, I was unable to find a bike crash app for Android users.  The Flanzig and Flanzig , LLP office has provided SBRA with their “The Bike Crash Card,” listing what to do in a crash.  Cards are available at our monthly SBRA general meeting.

    Paul Miklean, SBRA Education and Safety Director

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