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Garmin Rep to speak at Carl Hart Bicycles on Wed., July 24th - 7:00pm

    Here are some of the items the rep may discuss:
    ● How to use the Garmin for rides
    ____Downloading routes from Ride with GPS (and if there’s any way to do it without plugging it into our computers)
    ____How to start, stop, pause, auto-pause, complete rides using Garmin Edge 810, 830 and any other popular ones
    ________How to navigate with a course during a ride and what happens if we have a mechanical/how long will it stay paused before it stops the ride
    ________How to turn on directions
    ________How to turn on the map
    ________How to switch between pages and change page setups
    ____Uploading rides to Garmin Connect and Strava/3rd party app permissions
    ________Overcoming common issues we’re having with uploading to Garmin Connect and Strava – i.e. having to plug it into the computer vs automatic upload

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