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Slow Hills Plus

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    Tue, 08/27/2019 - 9:00am
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    Note: the (guests welcome for 1 ride, $30 Annual SBRA Membership required thereafter) is temporarily suspended during COVID. No guests allowed at this time.
    Road Bike
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    We are doing a low B- average, about 15 on the flats and whatever we can manage on the hills.  On hills, it's each cyclist for himself, no need to "keep up" with the leader.  We meet up at the end of our climbs and take a breather/drink as necessary.

    B- to the lighthouse in Oldfield and West Meadow Beach.  Rest stop/ bathroom break at the beach

    Get your hill practice served many different ways by the hills of the Three Villages.  Our break is at West Meadow Beach; bring your own snack.  Bathroom stop at the beach.  On the non-hills, we expect to cruise at mid B- pace. On the hills, each does his/her own best effort and we meet at the top —  no pressure there. There are spots where faster riders can push ahead.

    Before ride, my email is ( Morning of ride, my cell is 631-835-1454.  Cancellation for weather posted by 7:30 morning of ride.

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