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A Long but Fun One...

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    Date and Time of ride: 
    Sat, 09/14/2019 - 8:00am
    a go
    Ride Level (guests welcome for 1 ride, $30 Annual SBRA Membership required thereafter)
    Road Bike
    Details (RL read field instructions carefully): 

    This is a longer ride in preparation for the Tour of the Hamptons and/or any other longer rides. Anyone is welcome to post a companion/tag ride. Cruising speed will be between 18-21mph outside of hills and winds.

    We'll start out of Grumman... around mile 4 we're making a left onto Whiskey. If traffic is heavy, we can ride up to the light, regroup and then cross William Floyd together when safe instead of cutting across. 

    Mile 28 - we'll take a really quick water stop at 7/11 in Riverhead. I don't want to be here long.

    Mile 31 - up CR 51 to 111. Sprint on 111 if you'd like but we'll regroup at the Halsey Manor light (don't turn onto Halsey Manor - we're heading to Chapman). We'll make the left onto Chapman together. If too busy to cross, we'll go to the light, then wait by the italian restaurant lot and cross together with the light.

    Mile 44 - Nettie's for food, drink and bathroom.

    Feel free to sprint going either way through Grumman too.

    Here's the route: (please download).

    Be there or be square!

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