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Wind ... READ!

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    Date and Time of ride: 
    Wed, 03/04/2020 - 9:00am
    Ride Level (guests welcome for 1 ride, $30 Annual SBRA Membership required thereafter)
    Road Bike
    Details (RL read field instructions carefully): 

    FINAL POSTING:  Forecast winds are 21 mph with GUSTS to 34 mph SurprisedSurprised . I WILL be at the Maples at 9 AM ... I will have two bikes with me ... if anyone with only a road bike shows I will do the road ride with them Frown... OTHERWISE I will do a Mtn Bike ride with the venue dependant upon how much rain falls tonight.

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    NOTE: If  forecast wind is > 20 mph this ride will morph into a Mtn Bike Ride at Manorville Hills.

    We'll ride into the wind first and feel stronger on the ride back to the start. At the end of the ride we will have the option of climbing up Mill to Halsey Manor and return to the Maples for a 5 mile bonus. I lowered the pace to a B pace after fighting today's 15 mph winds and realizing that the paceline benefit of working into the wind will be highly dependant on how many riders show ... it's going to be a long season.

    No need to arrive 20 minutes early and cook in the car or freeze outside ... Please just be ready to ride at the posted start time! Running late? Call my cell # below and we'll wait a bit.

    Check back to this posting later and on Sunday morning as Life Happens and Things Change!

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