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An Important Message from SBRA and New Guidelines

    June 26, 2020 Update

    The SBRA Ride Calendar was temporarily suspended for posting rides since March 19th, due to the COVID-19 virus pandemic. SBRA has been closely monitoring the situation since then. During this time we have reached out to a number of resources such as USA Cycling, the NYBC and many others to collect as much information as we can to ensure we are able to follow best practices going forward and until this world wide pandemic is safely under control. Now that Governor Cuomo has begun re-opening up New York State, SBRA will abide by all Government rules and some guidelines we have collected from the other resources.

    With that said, the SBRA Board has voted to re-open the Ride Calendar.
    Effective June 29th the Ride Calendar will be open for posting rides, with the actual rides to start on July 3rd.
    However, there will be new safety guidelines to follow and all Ride Leaders and Members must adhere to these guidelines.

    In addtion, ALL SBRA MEMBERS must log onto the SBRA website, go to the page link provided below, read it completely, click on the link at the bottom, click “Yes” that you have read and agree to the guidelines and submit your answer BEFORE GOING ON ANY SBRA RIDES.
    Remember, you must be signed in and a paid SBRA Member to view ALL INFORMATION on the following linked page.

    These are challenging times for all of us.
    Let's please work together to restore SBRA and the Ride Calendar as quickly and SAFELY as possible.
    Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

    SBRA President


    May 1, 2020 Update

    As we all know, there is still no known ending date to this horrible world wide pandemic. Due to the continued uncertainty, the ride calendar will remain closed for the month of May.

    If you have not already noticed the NEW FORUM "Virtual Rides (NEW 2020)," you should take a look.
    (Click here to learn what some SBRA members have been doing to ride together "Virtually")

    SBRA President


    April 3, 2020 Update

    Given the rapid spread and continued uncertainty pertaining to the COVID-19 virus pandemic, the SBRA board has voted to extend the temporary restriction of posting group rides on the calendar through April. Should there be a significant positive change in the near future, we can always reverse this decision.

    Stay safe!
    SBRA President


    March 19, 2020

    To our valued members,

    As the President of SBRA, I have asked the board to vote on suspending rides until the end of March and longer if that is what needs to be done to protect our members from the possible spreading of the Covid-19 virus.
    The board has voted yes to suspend rides at this time.

    We are all adults and can make decisions for ourselves, however the club will not encourage group riding which puts you and others at risk of getting or passing on the virus. This decision was not made lightly and I feel like we have made the intelligent decision for our members safety.

    We will update the website as more information becomes available.

    SBRA President

    League of American Bicyclists Statement for Bike Clubs During COVID-19

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