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New Jersey Fondo

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    New Jersey Fondo

    I posted a NJ Fondo training ride to my Strava account and was asked about how the climbs compared to the NY Fondo.

    First, let me give a big thumbs-up to the NJ Fondo organizers. The part of the Gran Fondo I did Sunday was very enjoyable. I clocked about 70 miles (with 55 miles being part of the Gran Fondo route) which included about 4400 ft of climbing.

    It's always nice to get the wheels rolling down unfamiliar roads that are off Long Island. We have some great roads to enjoy here close to home, but the Jersey Fondo includes some exceptionally beautiful areas. The road markings were clear and bright. The road surfaces were almost perfect (many seemed to be recently re-paved) and the traffic was very light. The local drivers were patient. They gave a solo rider like me plenty of space. And not one irritating "honk" all day. And with all due respect to the NY Fondo and Rockland/Orange Counties, there is no comparison. For scenery alone, NJ has them beaten by a mile. I guarantee there will be moments that rival the best ones you've ever spent on a bicycle.

    The NJ Fondo is September 9th. They have the four different routes posted on their web site (

    Breve: 18 miles / 1421' climbing
    Piccolo: 43 Miles / 3094' climbing
    Medio: 60 miles / 4581' climbing
    Gran: 103 miles / 7686' climbing

    The Medio Fondo was recently chosen by Bicycling Magazine as the best route in the state of New Jersey.

    The Four Climbs:

    My first impression was that they did seem easier compared to the May 20th NY Fondo. I've done a lot of hill rides since then and attributed much of it to that.... but.... then I did a little math. The four timed NY Fondo climbs had a total of 2082 ft over 7.1 miles. The four timed NJ Fondo climbs have a total of 1960 ft over 9.6 miles. That is less total climbing (-122 ft)... and better yet.... the climbing is stretched out over 2.5 miles more total distance.

    Also..... the NY Fondo had three Category 4 climbs and one Category 3. The NJ Fondo has one Category 4 and one Category 3. Plus the overall elevation gain for the NJ Fondo is about 2000 ft less than it's NY counterpart.

    So the answer to the question about timed climbs is..... NJ Fondo is not as steep and the climbing will be less.

    And that completes my advance ride report.....

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