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2017 Seagull Century (Maryland)

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    al bsure
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    2017 Seagull Century (Maryland)

    Thought i would set up a discussion for anyone going or considering going to above ride.

    My wife and i are heading down Thursday October 12th. As we enter the state of Delaware, we'll be stopping at the Dover racetrack/casino for awhile to enjoy some gambling and fine dining, before driving another hour into Salisbury, MD.

    Friday, October 13th (now thats an unlucky day!!!), the local chamber of commerce recommended visiting St. Michael, MD for a tourist destination, possibly eating at the crab Claw Restaurant while we are there. This is 30 -40 minutes from Salisbury. Or head down to Ocean City, MD for excellent restaurants and scenic views from the boardwalk, the Crab Bag is a recommended restaurant in this vicinity.

    Saturday October 14th is the Seagull Century.

    For anyone interested: go to and check out this event that is in a historic park nearby salisbury. the event has 20 different breweries in attendance, food, music and is from 12:30-6:30 saturday and Sunday. Tickets to event must be purchased.

    Thats all for now, just thought i would get a forum started. Any questions, comments or other ideas for additional fun?


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