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erie canal 2019 tour info.

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    al bsure
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    erie canal 2019 tour info.  

    2019 Erie canal ride is open for registration. Not sure at the moment if i can do it this year. just wanted to get the info out there. I had such fun last year on this 8 day 400 mile trek. Rode with another club member Mike B., great partner to spend the week with.

    My suggestions:

    reserve a large 2 man tent really early as they are limited in number, and are much more comfortable than the crawl in tents.

    Pack lightly as you and you only will be carrying your own luggage back and forth twice daily from the moving truck to your tent, it's ok the first 3 days, then it is a chore as days go on. If your bag is too heavy (see web site), the volunteers cannot and will not be lifting it for you; your bag stays on the floor of truck, and everyone else's bag get packed on top of yours! think about your liquids/creams etc in the summer heat as well.

    Get used to riding the off road bike for a week straight. I did not do this and found off road riding different and difficult at certain times as opposed to my annual 2000 miles of road biking.

    FYI: Combination of off road biking for 400 miles  camping, different sleep conditions and enjoying events and comraderie x 7 days made me exhausted toward end of week, so consider this in advance. Otherwise, I would definately reccomend this and will be doing it again, I just will prepare and train for week long trip. 

    PS: Thank you Mr. John Martin for lending me your fantastic cyclocross bike for this trip. Made me look like a champ, even received compliments on the bike from people who knew what i was riding.

    any thoughts/questions email me back and I'll answer whatever i can

    Al Barry


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