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**Canceled** Zwift Meetup Invite for Sunday 3/22 9am

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    **Canceled** Zwift Meetup Invite for Sunday 3/22 9am

    **Had to cancel todays Meetup**


    Zwift Meetup Invite

    Date: 3/22/2020

    Start time: 9am

    Duration: 60 minutes

    Organizer: Tom Gorman, or text/call 631-960-1035

    Where: INNSBRUCK


    Pace: 1 - 1.5 w/kg

    SBRA Class: B/B+ ride (it will depend on who joins)

    Terrain: Flat

    Ride Leader: Tom Gorman

    Special Instructions:

    With Zwift if I'm not already following you, send me a follow me request and a heads up email with your Zwift username e.g. Tom Gorman (SBRA) prior to the ride.

    If I am already following you in Zwift, you need to send me an email with your Zwift username so I can invite you to the Meetup.

    Jersey change to the Basic 2 jersey. Also please add (SBRA) after your name e.g. Tom Gorman (SBRA). Both will help with group identification.

    Stay together, ease up on downhills and regroup after climbs and sprints.

    We will be using Discord for verbal communications. Use this link for Discord:


    This will be a social ride where the intent is staying together. Once we work out the wrinkles, we could work in a paceline.

    The ride leader (me) will be identified with the yellow beacon overhead. Those of us who join the Meetup will be highlighted green in the list of riders to the right of the screen.

    I will start the ride at a very slow pace to allow all the other riders not part of our group to clear out.

    This ride will be utilizing the ZWIFT Event Module. You will need to join the event BEFORE the start time. Make sure you are pedaling prior to the start.

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