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Is There A Dr. in the House ? = Knee Pain vs Cadence vs Gearing

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    Is There A Dr. in the House ? = Knee Pain vs Cadence vs Gearing

    On my vey first club ride - the Guide Dog - its leader, Jack mentioned that my cadence seemed slow, I should pedal lightly but more quickly, to avoid exhaustion and knee injury........many thanks again Jack.

    During the Fall season, I did my amateur best to follow his advice, albeit without the benefit of power meters and LT blood tests, and wound up having to quit a Bob Miller "D" ride due to knife-like knee pain.

    During this off-season, I'm using a 1 UP trainer, and experiencing discomfort (not quite pain) during daily 13 mph / 5 mile sessions at 70 rpm, just below my rather low Lactate Threshold.

    Does anyone know a safe / simple way to tailor a practice routine that can still result in increased capacity without increased damage ? To put it another way - how does one know how much pressure is light enough - but still productive ?

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