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recruiting new members thru sponsor bike shops

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    recruiting new members thru sponsor bike shops

    I understand that at the meeting there was some discussion on packaging of information about SBRA, offering a free one-year membership with the purchase of a bike at SBRA-sponsor bike shops, at a cost of around $1500. This was not received all that well by the membership at the meeting.

    My 2 cents: I understand that the info package was pretty well thought-out and well designed. My problems with this, are.
    > Cost $1500 - I just don't see a "bang for the buck".
    > I think we have 11 sponsors, 3 of which are located in Nassau County. Unlikely we will get many new members from Nassau County.
    > How many bikes are sold and how many of those are to people that don't already belong to a club or have no desire to join one?
    > Perhaps we could spend extra $ on advertising our "century" program or bike-boat-bike, encouraging riders to join (free membership for first year when participating in the ride.

    I may be wrong, but I just don't see this as a wise expenditure. Hopefully our board will not push this through, knowing that many members are not supportive of it.

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