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Need a wheel!!!

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    Need a wheel!!!

    Hey everyone! I'm in the process of rebuilding a bicycle my uncle gave me. It's a 1984 Team Fuji (I love it!) and we're redoing everything, down to glassbeading the frame and repainting it something totally funky. It's a very light bike for it's age, and I'm trying to keep it that way. Unfortunately, the back wheel took a nasty hit this past spring and has a bit of flat spot on it. I've been trying to find a replacement 27" x 1-1/4" aluminum wheel for the back, but there aren't a lot of options out there. Anyone know of someone who might have this kind of wheel lying around? Or, does anyone know of someone with a nice used set of 700c wheels they're interested in parting for at a good price? Any tips would be well received!!! Thanks!

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