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Strava (Please Read)

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    Strava (Please Read)

    I received this as an email and have decided to post it

    Dear Rides Coordinator (and Ride Leaders):

    i feel inclined to discuss what occurred on a recent sbra ride. it was a group ride when suddenly a few riders (including the ride leader and without warning) took off, as if they were being chased. i later found out that this was a "strava segment".

    i did some research and kinda understand strava and the segments. i do believe it to be a fun concept. but now, i see some ride posts/ride reviews where all that is discussed is the upcoming strava segments etc etc.

    please, let not strava control MY ride. if there is a pace for the ride, it should be observed whether we are riding a strava segment or not. if you want to participate in strava related activities, let it be known in your ride description so i can choose another ride. better yet, do it on someone else's ride, not mine. and if you are in the pack, let the other riders know your intentions so not to cause a crash.

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