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Sunday Bear Mountain Ride

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    Sunday Bear Mountain Ride

    I plan on driving up to Harriman State Park this Sunday morning with a few people. We will cycle over to Bear Mtn from the West, go 2 miles up Perkins drive to the top, then go down to 9W and the full 4.5 mile route to the top twice, and then back to Harriman. About 45-50 miles total and I would consider the ride hilly. We will keep it together at a steady A pace up to the mountain and riders are free to go up at their own speed and we regroup at the top.

    We will meet at a Park and Ride or other location close to the LIE Sunday morning probably around 8AM but that may change slightly and carpool it up.
    Email me at or you can call me at 631-543-6880 (H).


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