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SBRA Message Board Guidelines

    The purpose of the forum or also named message board is to promote the exchange of information, ideas, and opinions related to bicycling. All posts must be bicycling related. The message board is a private forum of SBRA which is open to the public. We welcome a free exchange of ideas, and to ensure a pleasant atmosphere, all posts are required to abide by the following guidelines. Note that the author of an inappropriate post will be notified by the moderator and asked to modify the offending post. In the event that a post remains inappropriate it will be removed or edited by the moderator. Examples of appropriate Message Board postings relate to:

    • Posting an announcement of an upcoming event.
    • Ride schedule changes in regard to weather conditions.
    • Posting a link to a cycling related news item.
    • Organizing impromptu rides or finding riding partners.
    • Buying or selling a used bike or accessory.
    • Asking for technical advice or opinions.
    • Writing a product review of a commercially available cycling product.
    • Sharing tips on bicycle maintenance or known route hazards (such as potholes or loose dogs).
    • Posting productive comments and links to pictures of recent rides.
    • Posting information on bicycle advocacy issues, pending legislation, or upcoming meetings.
    • Asking for information about the club.

    Do not use the Message Board for:

    • Abuse: don’t post anything false, defamatory, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane or threatening.
    • Attacks: a reply may disagree with another individual’s point of view or opinion, but please challenge the other person’s ideas respectfully; Do NOT attack the individual.
    • Commercial advertisement for business dealings.
    • Spamming or excessively long posts.

    Additional Points:

    • Do not use multiple usernames or impersonate another user.
    • Do not respond to an abusive message (flames). If you feel a posting is objectionable, email the site Administrator regarding the posting and it will be reviewed. Email the site administrators at
    • Personal communications are best handled with emails; refrain from using the Message Board space for personal dialogue which may lead to inappropriate postings.
    • For more information regarding net etiquette (“netiquette”) try this link: Netiquette.

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