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Unsafe Roads in Brookhaven ... A Message from Our 2009 Advocacy Director

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    The Brookhaven Bicycle Advisory Committee was established on March 4,2009. The committee is spearheaded by Brookhaven Councilwoman Connie Kepert and is comprised of government officials from Brookhaven, Suffolk County, NY State DOT and bicycle organizations including the SBRA. One major goal of the committee is to identify and recommend the correction of unsafe roadways in the town of Brookhaven. Road defects such as absent/inadequate shoulders, pot holes, dangerous grates and poorly marked and maintained roads are their focus. Once reported to the committee, these individual road locations will be recommended for inspection, repair and improvement as the town, county and state budgets allow. Of particular interest are the roads where very narrow conditions exist due to inadequate or absent shoulders. A determination will be made if there is adequate room, "right of way," to widen these hazardous roads.

    As bicyclists we now have a friend in local government, Connie Kepert, and a committee willing to work towards making roads in Brookhaven town safer for bicyclists. NOW is the time to let OUR voices be heard about unsafe roads.

    As your 2009 Advocacy director I am inviting all members to share their observations of the roads they feel are unsafe in the town of Brookhaven with me by email to: Advocacy @

    The Advocacy committee will document and inspect each roadway that members bring to our attention. Our intention is to provide the Brookhaven Bicycle Advisory Committee with information on the roads most needing improvement. The Advocacy Committee will be making reports both at the monthly club meeting and through the Newsletter and website.

    This is just a first step in the improvement of roads we all ride on. I ask all of our members to join me in this effort to improve our riding experience.

    Thank you,
    Paul Miklean
    2009 Advocacy Director SBRA
    Advocacy @

    Also see our "Report Dangerous Roads" page.

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