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NYC Ride Series: Sept 28 - Oct 12 - Oct 26

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    NYC Ride Series: Sept 28 - Oct 12 - Oct 26

    I do solo rides in the city from time to time and thought maybe some other club members might like to try a change of pace.

    I've posted three rides. Here's a brief description of each:

    Sept 28th -

    Howard Beach to Lower Manhattan. Here's the route -

    Features... we start with a long loop south through Broad Channel and Far Rockaway, then over the bridge to the Flatbush and Belt Pkwy bike paths into Sheepshead Bay. From there, we'll take Bedford Ave into the heart of Brooklyn for a quick loop around Prospect Park. Twist and turn our way into Manhattan (via the Manhattan Bridge) where we’ll stop for lunch at the South Street Seaport.

    From there it's a slow roll around Battery Park. We'll cut across Lower Manhattan to the Brooklyn Bridge and city street our way south to Bay Ridge and ride the bike path under the Verrazano Bridge and along the shore 17 miles back to Howard Beach with a 3 mile stretch through Coney Island along the way.

    It's a 60 mile / 1300ft ride and it will probably take most of the day. New Park brick oven pizza slices on me to close out the adventure.

    Oct 12th -

    Queens College to Harlem. Here's the route -

    Features... Cross Island Pkwy bike path - Flushing Bay Promenade - Astoria Park - RFK/Triboro Bridge (possibly the scariest thing you'll ever do on a bike) - Ward's Island - East River Bike Path - Harlem City Streets - A full Central Park Loop - 4 miles down Hudson River Bike Path - 3 miles of city streets to Ed Koch/Queensboro Bridge - 5 miles of city streets to the World's Fair grounds – Loops at the Kissena Velodrome – Then city streets and Greenway bike paths to finish up the ride.

    It's a 53 mile / 1700ft ride and (again) it will probably take all friggin day. (I'll figure out a lunch stop along the way.)

    Oct 26th -

    Tour of the Bronx + extras before and after.

    This was one of my favorite rides last year. It begins on the Grand Concourse around 161st St. I park my car on Ward's Island and ride to the start. It ends at the Bronx Botanical Gardens and I city street my way back into Manhattan for a spin through Central Park before returning to the car.

    It's about 60 miles with at least 2500ft of climbing, and again, all friggin day for sure.

    The Tour of the Bronx is sponsored by Transportation Alternatives. You’ll need to sign up for the 40 mile route and it sells out every year. I recommend going to the web site and submitting your email to be notified when registration opens… which will be very soon.

    Here's the link -

    About these rides...

    Generally, speaking these are sightseeing rides. Heads-up. Look around. When possible, I will be cruising in the 18 mph range, although these are not "work-out" rides. You'll clip in and out more times on one of these rides than you will in a month of regular club rides. If that’s a source of irritation, then this type of ride might not be good for you. Look at these rides as your opportunity to experience a big-city cycling adventure.

    I'm very selective about the routes I choose. But... I will use streets, bike paths, sidewalks, and any other clear surface necessary. Many of the streets will have a designated bike lane. A few will not. If you have a fear of heights, crossing bridges can be a challenge. You may walk it... we will wait. No problem.

    Also...some of the bike paths, although paved, can be a little bumpy in spots. They can also be very crowded with pedestrians. Patience is a must. Lastly, the city is not flat. It might seem that way in a car, but not on a bicycle. There will be hills and I'm thinking of a couple that a fairly steep, especially towards the end of the Bronx ride.

    You will also need to carry your bike at least once on each ride... for example... on the Belt Pkwy bike path where Hurricane Sandy wiped out a 200ft section, also up two flights of stairs on both the RFK Bridge and connecting sections of the East River Bike Path.

    I use my cross bike. It has 28c tires and more of an upright riding position. You can certainly use your regular road bike with 23c tires. The city is full of cyclists and the roads are probably in better condition than you might imagine.

    And finally, these are a B+ rides.... not so much for the speed, but for the hills and general bike handling skills required. You’ll avoid potential dangers simply by maintaining a constant awareness of your surroundings. Contrary to what you might expect, most city drivers are very familiar and respectful to street cyclists.

    The Sept 28th and Oct 12th dates are RSVP rides. You must contact me in advance, so I know at least one other person is interested. Otherwise, I may change my plans for the day. My cell number is 631-889-0559. Email is... MailboxOne (at)

    Now... don't kill the messenger, but the "word" on the streets is saying that Suffolk cyclists can't handle city rides. They say we suffer from certain shortcomings and a "cojones deficiency”. Certainly, this cannot be true?

    So.... who's up for some adventure?

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