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First Ride with SBRA: How To Get Started

    There are a few things to know before coming on an SBRA Ride for the first time.

    Check our Ride Classifications to see where you think you should begin as a new club rider. We suggest that you start one ride level below what you think you can handle for your first ride, and then you can work your way up from there. Riding in a group is very different than riding by yourself. We have rules that we follow and everyone must be on the same page for all to go smoothly and safely on a ride.

    If you need help choosing a ride please contact the Ride Director or the VP of Administration. They will help you decide where to begin. You can also come to a general meeting, held the first Thursday of each month, and talk with some of our members (click here for meeting details). Let them know you are new and they will all be happy to help you.

    Our rides are posted on the Ride Calendar. You can simply show up to the ride start location at least 20 minutes ahead of the start time to meet the Ride Leader, who will go over the Safety Rules and what to expect on the ride. If there is a phone number provided on the ride post you may contact that Ride Leader if you have questions about the ride prior to showing up.

    Your bike should be in good working condition with properly inflated tires. Bring a spare tube in case of a flat, have some type of Inflation to blow up a tire, and you must wear a Helmet (CPSC or Snell Approved suggested). You will need to carry some form of ID in case of an emergency and some money for lunch if the ride stops (and/or for emergency). You need to have water or some hydration drink and the bottle must fit snugly in a bottle cage on the bike. We do not allow regular water bottles such as Poland Springs. Loose fitting bottles can bounce off the bike and create a hazard to the rider in back of you. Sports shops sell water bottles that are designed to fit properly on your bike.

    We do not allow use of cell phones during a ride or use of ear buds or any personal audo device for any reason. Your full attention needs to be on the road and what is going on around you at all times. You will be asked to leave the ride if this is not obeyed.

    If you have questions about what type of bike you would need for a ride we have many bike shops that advertise with us and they are very happy to help you out. Please note, at this time SBRA does not allow class 2 e-bikes (pedal assist over 20 mph with a throttle) on club rides due to insurance requirements. Class 1 and 3 (no throttle) are allowed.

    This should get you started, so remember this is about fun and meeting new people. We welcome and encourage non-members to join us for one SBRA ride and hope you will enjoy the ride and make new friends. After your first ride we encourage you to become an SBRA Member by visiting our Join/Renew page.

    Wishing you a great experience on your first ride with SBRA.

    SBRA President
    Joanna Pascucci

    And be sure to read our Tips for Riding in a Group.
    For any other questions or concerns please visit our Board Members page for contact information.

    Helmets are required on all SBRA rides.

    NYS Traffic Rules for Bicycles

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