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Positive learnings after road bike/car accidents...!!!

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    Positive learnings after road bike/car accidents...!!!

    Greetings, anyone unfortunate enough to have been in a serious bike / car accident, but lucky enough to have survived has actionable advice to share. Even if those victims were not at fault, having obeyed all laws, and implementing the best judgement and common sense at the time of the accident. I myself was riding in Hekshire State Park in East Islip on August 3, 2014 at 6:00pm in a cloudless, beautiful Sunday afternoon. I even drove my bike to the park to avoid the unsafe streets. I was blindsided by a hit and run driver, he was later caught trying to leave the park at a roadblock set up by the park police at the exit. My takeaway was that choosing to ride in a park when the person who hit me was himself leaving. Unfortunately for me he was under the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs which he was also in possession of. Wish I would have used "better" judgement and not picked a time that exposed me to such irresponsibility. Anyway, still fighting to one day be back on a bike enjoying what has been temporarily taken away from me.

    Happy 2016...!!!!

    Another thing, I was in North Shore/ LIJ in Bayshore form 8/3/14-9/1/14, my last room, the last room I was assigned to looked out over Montauk Highway, it drove me crazy watching how many bicycle riders I saw NOT WEARING HELMETS.......



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